User feedback

People feedbacks allow us to improve the quality and the features of the app. Good or bad feedback are useful for us, don’t worry, write to us and help us to make better.

Here a list of feedback of users appeared on the app store:

From  Greg Eischen
Been using your app for a few days now.  Really good.

Love the app!

Brilliant app – great concept –
by OTBSS – Version 1.0 – 30 April 2011

I really love this app after looking at so many other alarm clocks. Would give it a 5 star rating but it just needs a coupla tweaks to make it outstanding. 1- Need choice of other clock formats 2 – Please add the date visually on the clock and maybe even as a voice option. This will be my nightstand clock – looking forward to future updates

Stupenda!! -

by albachiara79 – Version 1.0 – 01 May 2011

Bellissima ci voleva!unico problema che mi ha fatto smettere di usarla è che da quando ho comprato un sistema di altoparlanti il volume al mattino è assordante e mi fa perdere dieci anni di vita ad ogni risveglio..problema dell’app o del mio dispositivo?per il resto è ottima!