** Main Features **

• Live Weather conditions and for the current day. 

•Live Temperature and for the current day.

• iPhone 4 ready. High-definitions graphics for retina display.

• Built-in torch. • Background alarm enable.

• Alarm with iPod music.

You can customize everything you want with. From alarm to gesture.


All features:

** Alarm **

• ipod music sound.

• 40 beautiful and different sounds.

• Enable/disable alarm with one touch.

• Repetitions option.

• Enable/disable snooze.

• Snooze time customizable.

• Enable/disable weather voice.

• Enable/disable news voice.

• Volume adjust.

• Enable/disable fade in sound option.

• Fade in time customizable.


** Gesture  **

• Gesture fully customizable.• Enable/disable each gesture.• 5 action for gesture: Snooze, stop alarm, stop weather voice, light on/off.• Shake for enable built-in flashlight (customizable).• Double Tap for snooze action (customizable).• Horizontal swipe for stop voice (customizable).• Vertical swipe for increase/decrease brightness.

** Interface  **

• 4 different color form clock numbers and images.• 13 different backgrounds.• Random background mode available.• Show/hide next alarm in home.• Countdown mode for next alarm in home.• Show/hide seconds.• Show/hide week day.• Show/hide weather in home.

**  voice  **

• Weather condition.• Latest news.
Many new feature are under development following your interest and suggestions. Next update will include:

• New news language.

• New news category and provider.

• Battery optimization.

• Music before sleep.